Pen and Paper….

I have always felt that every time I qualify something to be a habit I want to develop or what I would also call a discipline, I tend to start feeling a war against it from within. This is despite formerly doing it very excitedly in an informal way. I am yet to understand whatever goes on in the mind/heart for such a turn of interest…….

For quite sometime now (not a few days/weeks definitely) I have tried to journal at least once in a week. (If you are wondering about my failure or success in developing the habit, that is a story for another day). Writing is such an art that just like any other requires much practice. You only get good at it while you keep doing it.

And so my most recent readings have been on Biographies as I tried to do some research during my ministry apprenticeship time. And it just hit me, how would I be reading about men and women who lived in the 7th century had they not left some traces of their lives and thoughts? How would the authors of biographies of men and women who lived so many generations before their existence be able to write books? How would we get to know of the struggles and highlights of men and women who went before us? Most of these biographies have quotes. Real quotes, that the men in history wrote in their own hands.

And I also got to think of the Bible, and its compiling. These were records written way before the compiling of the Bible. Think of the New Testament, how would we know about Paul the apostle and his missions hadn’t there been many letters left behind?

Now what I am trying to say is……weak ink is better than none! Writing ignites our minds, it ignites our thoughts, it jogs our minds! It is such a means of passing on information, as well as recording for future reference. Its a resource to literature!

In an age of hashtags and massive social media outlets, everything can be reduced to just posting rarely thought about updates and comments that only qualify to keep the online audience entertained. There is so much to feed on and very little if any that is well chewed, digested and taken out as constructive writing.

And so with that said, its a reminder to myself to keep developing a habit of pen and paper for myself or for others.Pen-and-Paper

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