Psalm 2-Kiss the Son (Behold Jesus)

Psalm 2

Kiss the Son (Behold Jesus)Kissing the Son

This is a Psalm introducing David as the Anointed king of Israel. David, having been a man of war and leading Israel to win in so many wars right from when he was just a very young boy and with only a sling and a stone leading Israel to fighting the Philistines and to conquer the mighty Goliath, had some people burn with envy and jealous (1st Sam 17). Saul, his predecessor as king of Israel wasn’t spared either-he was dying of jealousy. And so is the situation described in vs 1-2. The Gentiles (the nations) who were often Israel’s enemies weren’t pleased with him. Their kings rage was ‘let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us….’.

Even then, the Lord’s Sovereignty in setting a king for himself upon his people is very certain. Its ‘His king…’. No wonder, being against the king is being against God himself. But the rage against God’s anointed is to carry on for long. Its in the Lord’s Sovereignty that the enemies of Zion fight against it but the Lord will ultimately silence them and have His king remain on the throne of Zion.

The Lord speaks to the psalmist of a Son, the Lord’s Son! There all these speculations, could David have been God’s Son? Thankfully, in God’s provision the Bible explains itself, and we get to see vs 7 quoted in Heb 1:5, confirming Christ as the ruler/king who was to come through the Davidic empire and rule forever more! Incredible! Through Nathan’s message to David (2nd Sam 7:16) God had promised to establish David’s throne forever.

And so Jesus appears now as the Anointed one, and not only ruling Israel but also ruling nations (gentiles). There is a promise that through Christ, all the earth and all nations will be the Lord’s inheritance. This is yet again confirmed in Rev 21:26 when nations will gather to behold the Lamb of God, who is the Son-Jesus. It is noticeable that the focus changes from being a one nation kingdom to being all nations kingdom, Jews and gentiles alike.

Therefore, due to the above there is a caution to submit to the Son of God, because as the righteous will be with him eternally, those who don’t submit to him will perish in the way of his wrath. This means eternal separation from the Lord.

And so now, the instruction is to kiss the Son of God-Jesus, to be in reverence of him and to have his joy within us. For he is both a rewarding Lord, and a punishing God to those who are against him!

Take away from Psalm 2;

  • The Lord is Sovereign, He sets His king for His people.
  • Jesus is the Son of God through whom all nations are reconciled back to God.
  • Human being’s part is to serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling, as they behold His glory.
  • Perishing awaits those who go against the Lord, by assuming His Son.


Njeri Maina

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